How To Make Fondant Baby Shoes With Bow Cake Topper | Tutorial 귀여�

How To Make Fondant Baby Shoes With Bow Cake Topper | Tutorial 귀여운 폰던 베이비슈즈 케이크토퍼 쉽고 간단하게

TEMPLATE All of the shoes and decorations are made by modelling paste - see recipe below The Best Homemade Fondant Recipe Royal Icing Recipe *Amazon links are affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, it will support this channel without any extra cost to you. Thank you! PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO Nonstick Board Large ・ UK Nonstick Board Small ・ UK PME Non-Stick Polyethylene, Rolling Pin, 6-Inches ・ US ・ UK Cake Decorating Tool Set ・ US ・ UK Cake Smoother ・ US ・ UK Pearl Lustre Dust ・ UK FONDANT COLOURS Blue ・ UK Pink ・ UK Yellow: Melon + Egg yellow Melon ・ UK Egg Yellow ・ UK MODELLING PASTE RECIPE ・ 500g Fondant ・ 1 - 2 tsp CMC (because every fondant is different, try with 1 tsp first then adjust accordingly) Mix together and leave for 1 - 2 hours before use, because when time goes by the fondant paste will become firmer I recommend mixing 1 teaspoon of CMC first, and if the paste is too soft gradually add a little bit more to the fondant. Don't put too much CMC as it will be hard to use. This paste is good for making figurines and cake decorations, but is too soft to make delicate sugar flowers. If you have any questions leave a comment down below and I'll try my best to reply. Winter Baby Boots Shoe Cake Topper with Animals:​ Disney Princess Fondant Baby Shoes:​ Winnie the Pooh and Friend Fondant Baby Shoes:​ Fondant Baby Shoes with Bows and Roses:​ Fondant Baby Shoes with Flowers:​ Ballet Shoes Cake Topper:​ Woodland Tree Trunk Cake with a Fondant Fox:​ Mulan Dress Cake:​ Barbie Dress Cake:​ Paw Patrol Marshall Picture Cake:​ How to make fondant baby converse : Link for the step by step pictures: How to make fondant baby shoes with teddy bear: Link for the step by step pictures: 베이비 슈즈와 장식물은 전부 모델링 패이스트로 제작했습니다 모델링 패이스트는 보통 폰던에 500g 에 CMC 라는 슈가크래프트용 식용고무분말 1~2 작은술을 넣고 잘 섞어준 뒤에 비닐봉지에 넣어 한, 두시간 두었다가 사용하시면 됩니다. 보통 폰던보다 훨씬 단단하고 찰지게 되어 모양을 유지하는 신발이나, 피규어를 만드는데 적합합니다. 슈가 꽃을 만드는 검패이스트(플라워패이스트)와는 다른 것이니 혼돈없으시기 바랍니다. 제가 사용한 색상은 전부 Sugarflair 제품이구요 리스트는 아래와 같습니다 핑크: Claret 노랑: Melon + Egg yellow 파랑: Ice Blue 제 채널에는 베이비 슈즈 만드는 동영상이 많이 올려져 있으니 아래 링크에서 참고하시고 질문 있으시면 남겨 주셔요 신발 템플렛은 제 네이버 블로그에서 다운 받아서 사용하시면 됩니다. 예쁘게 만드세요~~ 신발 템플렛 링크: 베이비 컨버스 만들기 링크: (만드는 과정과 템플렛) (동영상) 테디베어 폰던 슈즈: (만드는 과정과 템플렛) (동영상) SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram Facebook Blog Korean Blog Pinterest Flickr CAMERA GEAR Sony A6500 Camera Body ・ US ・ UK Sony E 35mm F1.8 OSS Camera Lens ・ US ・ UK EDITING Filmora9 #caketopper #babyshower #birthday #cake #shoes #cakedecorating



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