#christmasdecorations #nativity #amigurumi Crochet cute little sheep

#christmasdecorations #nativity #amigurumi Crochet cute little sheep

Beautiful small cute little sheep, Written pattern: Sheep's Body: Row1.. make 6 puff stitches(refer to video) in a magic circle (6) Row1.. slip stitch to the space between two puff stitches of last row, make 2 puff stitches in each empty space between two puff stitches (12) Row 3-7.. 1 puff stitch in each empty space (12) Row8... make puff stitch in first empty space, don't complete it, start making puff in next space and complete both puff stitches as one stitch (refer to video)and finish off leaving a long tail(6) fill the stuffing and close the opening,body of sheep is ready. Sheep's head: Row 1.. make 5 puff stitches in a magic circle with white yarn,slip stitch in first stitch and finish off(5) Row2.. attach beige color yarn and make 1single crochet (sc) stitch in each stitch (10) Row3.. *1sc,2sc* repeat the pattern in stars till the end of row(15) Row 4-7.. 1sc in each stitch (15) Row8.. *1sc,2sc together* repeat till end(10) Row 9.. fill the stuffing,2sc together till end of the row..and finish off (5).. close the opening with help of tapestry needle Ears: (make 2, with beige color yarn) Row1.. 5sc in a magic circle (5) Row2-5.. 1sc in each stitch,and. finish off with a long tail(5) attach to the sheep's head and make eyes with black yarn and attach the head to the sheep's Body Sheep's feet: (make 4, with beige color yarn) Row1.. make 6sc in a magic circle (6) Row2.. 2sc in each stitch (12) Row3-5..1sc in each stitch (12) Row6.. *1sc,2sc together*repeat till end and finish off leaving a long tail to see(8) fill stuffing and attach to the sheep's Body. Made by Amarjyoti's Crochet World https://www.facebook.com/amarjyotizcrochetworld/



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