BEAUTIFUL SUCCULENT GARDEN COOKIES - HOW TO PIPE 6 different types of succulents

Hey sweet peeps, if you are like me and really LOVE succulents and cactis, you would love this sugar cookies. These cookies are decorated like a miniature succulent gardens. Personally for me, I call it my little zen garden, as it makes me happy looking at it and keep me in my 'Zen" mode LOL ???????? In this video you will learn some piping technique to make little succulents to create a beautiful succulent garden or a Terrarium cookie. Each succulent is individually piped on little pieces of parchment paper and then assembled on top of the cookie, so each cookie is different & unique ???????????? A word of warning before you attempt this....I just want to say that I realized this design uses A LOT of icing for a if you would like to create something similar I would highly recommend using crusting buttercream or use icing recipe with a softer bite if you want to use royal icing. A tip on creating softer bite royal icing is to add a bit of light corn syrup into your icing ???????? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If like this video please leave a thumbs-up and I invite you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel as it is through your support that I will able to make more videos. THANK YOU SO MUCH ???? ????Subscribe + Likes + Share + Enjoy! ???? ???? Turn on the Notification-bell ???? to stay updated!✔️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ????If you love my tutorials and want to show your support, as well as wanting to see more from me, please consider buying me a cup of coffee! ☕❤ It will go a loooongggg way in getting me thru the a long series of decorating sessions and all the late nights video editing sessions! Thank you so much in advance and it will truly means a lot to me ???????? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All my cookies decorated with Royal icing, so if you are NEW to cookie decorating, these video tutorials will help you in your cookie decorating journey: ????How to make Royal Icing: ????Royal Icing Consistency: ????Cookie Decorating Tips: ????Sugar Cookie recipe: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some information on the cookie tools that I used in this video: Round/Circle Two-sided cutter sets: Scribe tool: from Scribes by Vivid Sister Flower nails - plastic: OR Flower nails - stainless steel: Parchment baking paper (to cut up in square pieces): Angled Offset Spatula: Plastic Couplers to use with any piping tip: Wilton Open Star Tip# 6B: Wilton Tip#225: Wilton Leaf Tip# 352: Wilton Tip#74: Piping Tip# 103: PME Writing Tip Set of 3 (Tip#1, #1.5 & #2): Ateco Tip# 81: Wilton Open Star Tip#21 Wilton Round Tip#10: PME ST-52 (Large Leaf Tip): Flat brush to clean up icing tails when making roses (part of this set): Rolkem Gold lustre dust: Cake decorator Rose Spirit: OR if you are in NZ: Cookie Swivel (Turntable) from LC Sweets: OR, here is another option from Amazon (I have both and they are both great for decorating): Cookie Turntable: Note: Some of the links above are “affiliate links”, which means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a very small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you. This support helps me continue to be able to make video tutorials. I hope you will find this useful and rest assured that I only provide the links to products that I use personally and feel comfortable recommending. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music Credit: Song: Ikson - New Day Music by #CookieliciousNZ #SucculentGarden #LearnToPipe



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